About Lynn

Born in Toronto to Scottish immigrants, Lynn moved to London young enough to start school there and considers it to be home. Aside from a brief detour with her family to Montreal, Lynn grew up in London where she completed her education, including her B.A. (with a major in Psychology) and B.Ed. at the University of Western Ontario, at King’s College and Elborn College respectively.

Along with obligatory part time jobs in retail and as a dishwasher and waitress, Lynn spent many summers at CPRI working with special needs children. When teaching jobs were scarce, she fell back on this experience, securing a job working with special needs adults in Woodstock, Ontario.

In the ensuing years Lynn married her best friend and moved back to London where she got a job selling advertising space in a trade magazine, in a publishing house in Exeter, Ontario. She was working here when her first child, a daughter, was born. While her second child, a son, was on the way the magazine she worked on was sold and Lynn relied on substitute teaching while her husband completed his Phd....View More


Always an expert at getting herself into trouble, Connie’s mother, Donna, has outdone herself this time. Believing herself responsible for the death of an acquaintance, she turns herself into the police. It soon becomes evident that she has been set up by the leader of the coven she has joined, and she’s not out of danger yet.
Finding the body of her ex-husband in the trunk of her car is a little shocking. Finding out that she is the number one suspect for his murder is disturbing. It’s almost more than a middle-aged, mother of two can cope with. Carly soon decides that she owes it to her kids to figure out who deprived them of a father. Finding love along the way, well that’s just an added bonus.
With her ex-husband’s murder solved and the perpetrators in jail, Carly feels safe moving on with her life and focusing on her new relationship. When her son fails to return home at the usual time, panic sets in. In her heart she knows that something is seriously wrong, but will she be able to convince anyone to act before it’s too late?
While honeymooning on a Baltic cruise, Duncan and Carly meet the mysterious Kateryna who appeals to them for help. Disembarking the ship to tour Scotland with the rest of the family, they don’t expect to see her again. When Carly finds her dying on the banks of Loch Ness, they realise that Kateryna was not whom she pretended to be.
The only surviving victim of a serial killer, Tracy hides in a catatonic state, afraid to come out and face what has happened to her. The only one who can reach Tracy is her twin brother Spencer, who has taken the special, non-verbal communication they have always shared to new heights, in a desperate attempt to bring her back.
Helen is a small, unremarkable woman who is happy to remain just that. Unfortunately she has a history of attracting men who find her air of fragility intriguing, believing her easy to dominate. Tired of being stalked, the tables are turned when Helen’s years of suppressed rage finally erupt.

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