July 24, 2017

Dealing With Tomorrow

About the book

When Carly goes to put her groceries in the trunk of her car she is stunned to find the stiffening body of her ex-husband. When she realises that she is the number one suspect for his murder it’s almost more than she can handle. As a middle-aged mother of two teenagers, who teaches kindergarten for a living, nothing has prepared her for this. Since the police aren’t looking for the real killer, Carly realises that she has to figure it out on her own, or her children will be deprived of both parents. Finding love along the way, something that Carly had long since stopped looking for, is just an added bonus.

Enjoy the exciting first book in the Carly Kitchings series.

ISBN-10: 0991965926 / ISBN-13: 978-0991965908

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Here’s what people are saying about Dealing With Tomorrow

I got the first 3 yesterday and an two-thirds through this one, the first . I have been increasingly disillusioned with the crime books being produced at the moment. They all seem so outrageously unbelievable and predictable that I had stopped bothering.
The moment I had read the first chapter she had me! (Of COURSE people like us, real people,confronted with the situation in chapter one, would have fainted clean away, bumping our heads severely on the way down. What else would be the reaction? Excellent. I knew it was going to be good from then. The heroine can be easily related to and the whole thing is real and at many times, fun.

on July 11, 2014


A little different from the type of book I normally read – slower paced.However this slow pace didn’t bother me at all, because I was enjoying the journey so much. I’d guess the author put a lot of personal experiences and a melange of friends / acquaintances into this. The main character was very authentic – while certainly quirky the oddness had me nodding my head knowingly or snickering rather than heading into the realm of falseness.
The whole book was written very professionally – not a single jarring moment which is really rare.
I’ve put this author on my favorites list which is a real compliment – I reckon less than 1 in 50 of the authors I read make it there.

on October 8, 2014