July 24, 2017

Missing My Mark

About the book

With her husband’s murderer safely behind bars, Carly begins to feel safe again, moving on with her life and focusing on her new relationship. When her son fails to pick up her daughter from school and isn’t answering his cell phone, she begins to panic. Mark is very aware of how important it is to let her know of any scheduled breaks in routine, so she is certain that something is dreadfully wrong. The problem she faces is convincing people to act before it is too late. How could this be happening again?

The tension mounts in the second book of the Carly Kitchings series.

ISBN-10: 0991965914 / ISBN-13: 978-0991965915

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Here’s what people are saying about Missing My Mark

I thoroughly enjoyed it for its originality mainly. This Heroine is different. She makes mistakes, she is fallible, and so real! This book fulfilled the promise of the first one.

on July 29, 2014


A well written suspense novel. Characters were well developed and believable and the pace was mostly steady. This author has a refreshing, unpretentious writing style, interspersed with touch of humour. The end was not what I expected. There was more than enough there to make me interested in reading the next book in the series

on June 16, 2015


Love this new author! Great reads. This is the second book I’ve read with the same characters and they were both fantastic. Engaging stories with surprising plot twists 🙂 Buy this book…but make sure you read Dealing With Tomorrow first. Both are definitely worth it.

on November 19, 2012