July 24, 2017

Twin Harvest

About the book

The sole surviving victim of a serial killer, Tracy takes refuge in a catatonic state, afraid to come out and face the horrors that have been perpetuated on her. Tracy’s twin brother, Spencer, is the only one who can reach her. Growing up alone on the farm, the twins had always had a way to communicate non-verbally with each other, but this was taking it to an unknown extreme. Spencer becomes a key player in the police investigation to find the killer, while at the same time becoming a target himself. Can they catch the monster before he attacks again?

Enjoy the exciting first book in the Connie Lambert series by the author of the Carly Kitchings mysteries.

ISBN-10: 1484156846 / ISBN-13: 978-1484156841

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Here’s what people are saying about Twin Harvest

This book starts with a bang and ends with happy tears. The suspense is felt right away and never leaves, it is a real page-turner. The character development is superb and you have a connection to them that lasts through the whole story. The twists and turns will keep you reading until the end. This is another great story by this author and I hope there are more to come!

on August 28, 2014


Very good murder mystery and psychological thriller and I couldn’t put it down. This would make a great thriller movie!

on January 31, 2013


Well – this was certainly a departure from the Carly Kitchings series. This book was much darker and a little surreal – what a combination. As a reader who likes to second guess the author – I did not pick the course of the plot as I love to do and that equals page turner for me.
The characters are again finely drawn although how the author manages that while keeping the story rolling along so well is a puzzle.
Download this one now and be prepared for quite a ride. Can I just add that I am very glad to see this is the first in a series?

on January 11, 2013